Romano Suno - "Gypsy Dream"

Romano Suno is a big gypsy orchestra from Hungary. They perform with a colourful show of music and dance. The orchestra was started by Gypsy leader Tibor Lakatos in 1982. The members are street children from the gypsy quarter of the town Sátoraljaújhely in the north east of Hungary. Here they are taught the old traditions of gypsy songs and dances.

Today Romano Suno has a great significance for both cultural and social matters. They have become popular on their tours through many different countries. During the last couple of years the group has involved in a giving cooperation and cultural exchange with De Splittergale.

Romano Suno offers:
- a short 30 minutes programme with song, music and dance
- a whole night performance which also includes teaching songs and dances to the
- a workshop of one day or more in gypsy dance

Romano Suno's instruments are: waterpots, spoons, contra bass and a lot of guitars.

Tibor Lakatos, fax +36 47 322 919 (in english or hungarian) or De Splittergale.